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Adopt-A-Trout Goes Live!

The Adopt-A-Trout web page is not quite done but it’s close enough to publish. I will post on the blog with upcoming research and education activities. You will get blow-by-blow accounts of field activities by the day.

To orient yourself start with the welcome page. The FAQ page and the radio-tracking data page are still under development but should be ready to go soon.

Right now the Beaver Lake Dam antenna is still active and should remain so through the winter. I shut down LIRR antenna for the winter because I didn’t want to lug the batteries back and forth. We released our last group of radio-tagged fish October 28. All but one, #18, has gone silent. #18 has been going strong for 83 days now, which is quite amazing since the tag life is supposed to be 40 days! You can see animations of the more interesting tags one the site. We should have an interactive map of the radio-tagged data shortly.

Let me know what you think!