Strolling Snapper and Muskrat Love

A few weeks ago, while radiotracking trout I ran into this guy hogging the trail. If you listen carefully you can hear every 20 seconds the chirp of  a radiotag. One of our wild trout is only a few feet away.

I cautiously got a little closer and notice these appetizing hitchhikers on the snapper’s carapace.

Three juicy leeches

Three juicy leeches

At least I assume they are just along for the ride. It’s hard to believe a leech could rasp its way through a turtle shell. Later that day, I ran into a muskrat couple frolicking at the upstream footbridge (actually they were doing more than that but this is a family website). I took video as they were amazingly unconcerned by my presence. but unfortunately the quality is terrible. Instead I leave you with this classic, and one of my personal all time unfavorite songs, “Muskrat Love” by Captain and Tennille . It’s well worth watching though if only because of the dancing muskrat puppets, Captain’s amazing muskrat chirps piano solo, and Toni Tennille’s fashionable (for the time) Dorothy Hamill hair.

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