Monthly Archives: November 2013

Underwater video of released brook trout

Maryanne and Brian released 20 PIT-tagged trout and 5 PIT-tagged/radio-tagged trout Wednesday. This is most likely our last release for the season and the project. When I was at the swamp today I took this video of one the trout (at least I think it is) using my new GoPro Hero 3 camera. You can see the trout initially in the bottom left frame. Best viewed in full screen.

I had no idea this trout was there until I viewed the video later. Most of the radio-tagged trout are tracked to undercut banks where it is very difficult to verify that the trout is actually there instead of just the tag. So we plan to use the camera to get visual verification of a tagged trout’s presence at the signal source. I have the camera mounted on a a short telescoping pole to allow me to submerge it from the surface. The camera has a wireless feature that allows you to control it and view a live feed through an app on a smart phone. Unfortunately wireless doesn’t underwater. So instead we just have to film “blindly” and once the camera is brought back to the surface reestablish the wireless connection and then review the film through the smart phone app.