Monthly Archives: July 2013

More PIT-tagged and Radio-tagged Trout Released

Last Friday we released 34 PIT-tagged 8-9″ brookies into Beaver Brook just upstream of the concrete bridge. Three of them were tagged with the three remaining large radiotags donated by LITU. I was helped by my two graduate students, Maryanne and Brian, as well as two of the Commack High School crew, Eric and Alinur.

The two trout  that were released April 10 are still alive and kicking. One has remained in the same spot well upstream since April 25 while the other is still in the same general area in the lake sincei it entered the lake April 20 despite the fact that surface water temperatures have reached 29 C (84 F). While I couldn’t get a visual confirmation on this trout signal strength was changing when pointing the antenna at fixed spot indicating it was moving.

I checked the whereabouts of the newly released radiotagged fish yesterday and was able to locate all three. One was at the release site, another was about 25 yards upstream, and the third was at the mouth of Beaver Brook where it enters the lake. Surface temperatures in all three places were around 21 C (70 F).