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Radiotagged Brook Trout are in the lake

In my last post I feared that the radiotagged trout would end up in Beaver Lake. Sure enough that’s exactly what they did. Friday, two days after being released, the two trout were detected in the pond having traveled 2/3 mile downstream and near the entrance to the railroad bridge. On Saturday, they were again located in the pond. They were schooling with a number of similar sized brook trout, no doubt some of the PIT-tagged trout we recently released.

Yesterday a radiotracking expedition by Brian and Maryanne failed to find either in Beaver Brook. However both have been detected by the antenna at the railroad bridge repeatedly. (Both of these fish are also PIT-tagged, fortunately). This morning I was able to track both fish to Beaver Lake. We will have to go back with a boat to pinpoint their exact locations. Based on the PIT-tag detections, trout #102 left the pond at 1:35 PM  on April 13 and trout #101 left at 10:48 on April 17.

More PIT-tag results; Radio-tracking begins again

2013-04-09 17.51.30

Radio-tagged trout. You can see the antenna trailing underneath.

This is the one of two mature trout that Brian Bartlett radiotagged (thanks again Long Island TU for the donation!) and he and Maryanne Grey released into Shu Swamp yesterday to kick off the radiotracking season. They released them well upstream so hopefully they will stay within Beaver Brook and not end up in the lake. Just in case, we also have them PIT-tagged so we will know if they exit the swamp. These tags should last around 5 months.

Speaking of PIT-tags, we released another 19 PIT-tagged mature fish into Shu Swamp on April 10. As of April 14 all 19 were detected at the Railroad Bridge antenna and 5 were detected at the dam antenna. This brings to 10 the number of tagged trout released in Shu Swamp this spring (a total of 35) that have been detected at the dam. Much different results than the mere 2 detected last summer and fall out of 95 releases!

More PIT-tagged trout released and more detections at dam

We released another 19 PIT-tagged 8-9″ brook trout yesterday, bringing the total released this spring to 35. Meanwhile we checked the activity at both of our antennae. The Shu Swamp railroad bridge antenna detected three of 16 released two weeks ago. All of these had been detected previously. Nine of the 16 have been detected at this antenna so far (no change from last week). At the Beaver Lake dam antenna we had three trout detected, two of which had not been previously detected. Thus 4 of the 16 have been detected at the dam since their release. This is interesting because for the 95 releases last year only two were detected at the dam.

Here is a summary of their movements thus far. R=release; SS= detection at SS railroad bridge; BL=detection at dam.

Tag # 3/21 3/22 3/24 3/25 3/26 3/27 3/28 3/29 3/30 3/31 4/1 4/2 4/3
189 R>SS>BL BL                   BL  
216 R>SS BL                      
243 R>SS                   BL SS  
171 R>SS         SS         SS   BL

All four of these trout were detected at the SS antenna on the same day of release. 189 appears to be hanging out in the lake. At least one trout, 243 clearly didn’t exit over the dam since it is detected later at the SS antenna.