Through Trout Unlimited’s Trout in the Classroom (TITC) program students raise brook trout, a Long Island native, and release some of  them into streams and lakes, including Shu Swamp Preserve, part of the Oyster Bay Stewardship area and their only known spawning ground in Nassau County. But what happens to the trout after they are released? Do they survive? Do they stay put or wander about? Do they stay in the preserve or try to migrate into the salt water creek? By participating in the Adopt-a-Trout program you can help find the answers to these questions. We are using radio-telemetry techniques to track and monitor the movements of tagged fingerlings about the size of those students release as well tagged adults. You can find all of the results to date on this website. Teachers can download the teaching modules  to use in their classroom. These modules allow students to learn about the uses of telemetry and help them develop and test hypotheses about the movements of trout in Shu Swamp.

For background and and introduction to the study go to the About page. Data and maps can be found on the tracking and environmental data pages.

I will keep you up to date on the comings and going of our trout through the blog page  where you can also leave comments and questions. So keep posted!

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Location of Beaver Brook and Beaver Lake. Beaver Brook is west of Frost Mill Road and south of Beaver Lake. Beaver Dam is at the north end of Beaver Lake.

This project is funded by a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Long Island Future Funds Grant, National Science Foundation Academic Research Infrastructure Award, and matching contributions from Hofstra UniversityLong Island Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery and Museum. Adopt-A-Trout is supported also by the volunteer efforts of Friends of the Bay, Long Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and school groups. North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc. (Warden Tom Hornofsky) and the Village of Mill Neck kindly gave permission to use the Beaver Brook and Beaver Lake Dam property.